How to Draw a Wreath for Kids

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Start off with the basic guideline that will structure the basis of the wreath. Try tracing around a cup or circular object to get a circle similar to this.


Let's start the base off with the bow. Start with the middle and flesh outwards on either side.


Then, we'll detail the insides of the bow to create a realistic appearance. Move onwards by completing the entire bow by drawing the ends of it.


Then, varying our strokes and shape, we will draw the outside circle of the wreath. Make sure you diversify the outer shape to make it look pine or realistic.


Let's finish off our wreath by drawing the inner circle, having less depth and variety in the middle. Take your time, and try to rely around the guideline in grey.


With further proofing of your drawing, get your inking pen or marker to ink out your drawing by tracing over your lines. You should have something similar to this afterwards. I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial! Thanks and peace until next time :)

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November 25, 2011

Description: To start the day off for tuts, I'd like to give you a tutorial that's indeed one for kids. This lesson should be easy for all you novices who want to do a few decent drawings for the upcoming holiday, Christmas. There's just so much to do to prepare for the holiday, so many presents, decorating, feasting, and much more. People have their own ideaology on how their Christmas should be. Let me know in the comments if you celebrate this holiday differently than the generic one. I myself decorate a tree, and buy a present or two for my family. I don't do any partying, and nothing really for the New Year. See what I'm trying to say? Anyways, this tutorial should be easy for kids or simply novices that just started drawing. I hope this lesson will please your needs for a Christmas wreath. Thanks so much for viewing and share your thoughts on what you think of either topics said in this text. Peace out and Merry Christmas!

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