How to Draw a Falcon for Kids

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To begin the task to drawing a falcon for kids, you will begin with a shape for the head followed by the neck and wing lines. Make another larger circle for the body and move to step two.


Slowly start drawing out the lining to create the head, beak, and crescent shaped neck like so.


Now is the time to draw out the beak line that separates the feather from the bone. Add a nose hole, and then draw out the eyelid and eyeball.


Okay guys, it's now time to start drawing out the wings. Each wing is in a different pose, so be sure to either follow the step that you see here, or create your own wing pose.


Almost done guys so hold on to your butts. Draw in the rest of the falcon's body by sketching out the body, legs, and talons.


For the last drawing step simply draw out the tail, and add feather lines to finish it off. Clean up the mistakes and guides and you're done.


Here is how great your falcon looks when you are all done. Color it in and be on your way to something else.

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November 16, 2011

Description: Here is another bird that I will be adding to the ‘for kids’ section. Today the bird of choice is the falcon. Here you will learn "how to draw a falcon for kids", step by step and believe me the finished drawing isn’t going to be as kiddie as you think. The bird is one of my favorite among all bird species, and I had a lot of fun making a falcon for you. Most of us have a hard time recreating some of our favorite birds, and this is a problem that frustrates many, many novice and even intermediate artists. Hopefully this tutorial is easy enough for you to practice with. When you’re done with this task, you should try tackling the regular falcon I have located in the birds section under the animals category. Well, that’s about all I can say for now, I will get busy with preparing the last lesson for the day. Have fun guys and be sure to come back or stay tuned in!

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