How to Draw Fish for Kids


You'll be drawing two fish, one big and one small. To start, make a round shape and then an egg shape. Add the face guides and move along.


Draw out the shape of the fish's body which sort of looks like an eye, and then draw in the tail fin rib lines.


Draw an eye, fin, and mouth and then sketch in the detailing on the fin.


Finish the first fish by drawing the remaining fins on both the top and bottom of the body.


The shape of the second fish's body is very similar to an angel fish. Draw out the outline of the fish and then move to step six.


Make the face line vertically, and then draw in the fin, eye and mouth. Be sure to thicken the lining for the shape of the eye.


Draw the last fin, and then decide what type of design pattern on your tropical fish. Draw in the tail fin rib lining and clean up the drawing when you're done.


In the end, you should have yourself a nice drawing that is ready for color. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on drawing fish for kids.

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November 13, 2011

Description: So I see everyone is having a good time with the lessons that went up today. I have one last submission to share with you and it is going to be on "how to draw fish for kids", step by step. I wanted to quickly teach those that are still falling in with the novice crowd an easy way that you can get a couple fish drawn in a matter of minutes. Fish are great aquatic animals that are super cool to draw, and easy to use in almost any type of drawing. I decided to go with tropical fish because they are colorful and easier than other fresh water fish. Either way I think you will enjoy drawing fish for kids. I will be back tomorrow with more drawing fun, and hopefully you like what you’re going to see. Peace out people and have fun!

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