How to Draw a Ballerina for Kids


Draw the head shape of the ballerina, and then draw in the body guide line.


Next, draw out the structure of the ballerina's face and incorporate the ear and hairline.


This ballerina is dancing with love and joy in her heart. That is why I drew the expression on her face to be very happy. Draw the eyes, mouth and inner ear detailing.


Finish her head by sketching out her cone shaped hairstyle which is combed and aligned.


Okay guys, you can draw out the entire outline of the ballerina's body. This should include the arms, chest, waist, and ruffled skirt.


Draw in the top lining that shapes out the breast area. Draw in a waist line like so, and then make separated lines to ruffle up the skirt.


You will now finish off this ballerina by drawing out the legs and then draw in her ballerina shoes. Erase all the mistakes you made to clean up the drawing.


Here is the line art when you are all done. Color her in and that's it.

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November 17, 2011

Description: I think I told you guys that I have an eight year old sister and because of this I am constantly getting ideas from my sister on different types of ‘for kids’ lessons that really are enjoyed by Dragoart members and visitors. Today I am going to show you "how to draw a ballerina for kids", step by step. The ballerina is one idol that millions of little girls look up to as they grow and experience new things and interests. Even though this is a for kids tutorial, I still think folks will enjoy drawing a ballerina for kids regardless. Sit back and let the creative juices flow as you tackle the task of a dancing beauty.

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