How to Draw an Easy Lion

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Draw a medium to large sized circle for the lions head. The size is based on preference. Draw another shape that is in the form of a hot dog. Lastly, draw in the guidelines for the face, and legs.


Begin sketching out the lion's mane like you see here and make sure it frames the lions face. When that is done, you can start drawing out the legs, and tail line of the lion.


Continue to draw out the rest of the legs, and then add the toes on each paw, and then finish drawing the tail. Be sure to add some fuzz at the end of the tail, and fluff up the elbows and chest.


Now sketch out the large mane you see here, and also draw out the lions ears too. When sketching out the mane, make sure you add some sharp edges to show that the hair is long, and loose.


Since you are on your last step, all you need to do is draw out the eyes, color them in, and then draw the nose, mouth, and whiskers. Erase the lines and shapes you drew in step one to clean up your drawing.


Look how adorable your cute little lion looks. I know you guys had fun drawing this easy lion. You will have even more fun as you color him/her in. Great work guys!

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September 23, 2010

Description: Okay, now that all the food is out of the way, let me upload my last two tutorials for the day with the first being on “how to draw an easy lion”, step by step. I have talked so much on this particular animal with all the other lion tutorials I uploaded over time. Now because of this, there really isn’t anything new I can say about this species of animal. I know that lions are not to be reckoned with, and I also know that they are on top of the food chain. For a human to stop one of these big cats from being attacked is nearly impossible. The only thing that you can safely do with a lion is look at them from a display window like at a zoo, and draw them out on paper, or paint them on a canvas or on your digital screen. No matter how you decide on what, or how you will draw an easy lion, you will have fun making the lion come to life in front of your eyes. I hope you have fun guys, and remember to add personal touches to all the drawings you tackle today, tomorrow, and in the future. This keeps your mind active, and full of imagination. Peace to everyone on, and enjoy the rest of your drawing day!

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