How to Draw Mickey

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Draw several shapes to make a frame for Mickey like you see here. First sketch out a round shape for the head, and body like so. You will then add some guidelines for the face, neck, arms, and legs.


Begin sketching out Mickey's ears, and then the shape of his face. This should be simple to do because he is being viewed from the side. Once that is done, add the shapes for his eyes, and hands.


Next, draw in his nose, and then add the marking of his head to frame out his face like you see here. This should contain two points. Once that is done, you can draw the mouth, and then draw the shoulders, arms, and hands like so.


Continue to sketch out the shorts, or clothes, and then add the two buttons like so. Once that is done you can finish drawing out Mickey's hands, and then his legs. Oh yeah, add some detailing to inside of his mouth.


For your last step, all you have to do is draw out his big balloon like feet or shoes, and then finish his shorts, and draw out the thin tail. Erase the lines and shapes that you drew in step one to complete the drawing.


Now you can color in your drawing of Mickey because you are all done drawing him out. I do hope you had fun learning how to draw this Disney character, even if I have several lessons on him already.

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September 8, 2010

Description: Hey again everyone! I’m back with another repeated drawing that I think you will enjoy. Actually, my little seven year old sister wanted me to "draw Mickey" from Playhouse Disney because she has been getting into the show lately. It’s okay because I know she will grow out of Playhouse Disney soon enough, and she won’t be asking for anymore lessons of Mickey and his friends. I actually liked drawing Mickey because it also brought back a lot of memories from my young childhood. I used to be a big Disney fanatic up until I was like twelve years old. I must of had every single VHS of all the cartoons that Disney is best known for like Snow White, Cinderella, Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Fox and the Hound, 101 Dalmatians, Pinocchio, and so many more. Out of them all, Mickey Mouse and Minnie where some of my favorite characters to watch because they always had some form of comedic performance with every episode. I especially liked when Pluto and Goofy did skits together, that was fun too. Anyways, I think you guys will enjoy learning "how to draw Mickey", step by step. I mean after all, he is a very bright character to draw, and he also has a tendency to put a smile on anyone’s face. Adiós people, and have an awesome drawing day!

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