How to Draw a Cartoon Fossa

Artist: jolly / January 5, 2015

Step 1.

First step is to draw the guidelines, draw a circle for the body, head, and snout.

Step 2.

Then draw the guidelines for the front and back legs.

Step 3.

Use the guide you drew above to start off his the head of the fossa. Make the cheeks pointy and the top of the head round. Also do not forget the nose!

Step 4.

Draw the rest of the face and the ears next. For the face draw two round black eyes, and whiskers around the face. For the hears, make them big and round on the top tips and pointy at the bottom.

Step 5.

Next is the body. Fossas are very flexible so make sure to follow the guide to make a flowy slinky body.

Step 6.

For the front paws use the guide you drew in step two. Make the paws large with three lines for the toes.

Step 7.

For the back legs do the same thing as above for the front legs.

Step 8.

Finally finish up our fossa with a long swirly tail!

Step 9.

Clean up your guidelines and outline.

Step 10.

Fossas are a light brown color.

Step 11.

Shade up and your done, enjoy!

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Artist: jolly
Date Added: January 5, 2015
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Tags: how to draw cats, how to draw big cats, draw cartoon cat
Description: A fossa is a big cat-like animal based in Madagascar. This tutorial will show you how to draw one, enjoy!