How to Draw an Easter Rabbit


Begin with the circle for the head, then the mushroom stem shape for the body. Sketch in the facial guides, then proceed on.


Here you will begin sketching out the shape of the rabbit's head. Notice the three pockets that shape out the bottom jaw and chin. Sketch in some hair on his head, then move along to step three.


Now just draw out the floppy ears, then add the bent line which is where the ears bend.


Using the facial guidelines draw the Easter rabbit's eyes, then the nose, mouth, teeth, and long whiskers. Draw the inner ear detailing, then proceed to step five.


Okay everyone you are almost done. You will draw the shape of the rabbit's body but leave out the center portion of the rabbit. Draw in the bottom leg and foot, as well as the toe lines.


Here is where you will draw the Easter basket and left foot. Draw the basket weaving lines like so, then proceed to step seven.


Sketch out the rabbit's fuzzy tail, then draw the eggs, and rest of the weaving for the basket. Erase your mistakes, then you are done.


That's it. You are all done drawing an Easter Bunny. Good job gang, make sure to color in the bunny.

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February 25, 2013

Description: Well it's March, and for those who know Easter falls on March 31 this year. That means I have to make a new lesson on "how to draw an Easter bunny", step by step. I don't care how old you get, you always feel like a little kid when Easter rolls around. If it's not all the infant pastel colors, it's all the candy, egg coloring fun, or waking up wondering where to look for an Easter egg first. My parents still have fun helping my sister find eggs, I guess you could say that Easter is the brightest month of the year. It's weird, the brightest month of the year also happens to be the day that Jesus was reborn. Again, another form of light that shines on my theory. Have fun drawing an Easter Bunny kids, I will be back soon.

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