How to Draw a Rabbit

Artist: frogfrog / January 6, 2013
How to Draw a Rabbit

Step 1.

First draw a circle with an oval shape added on to it. Draw two arms facing the centre of the oval.

Step 2.

Draw two legs at the bottom of the oval which is the rabbit's body.

Step 3.

Draw one basic tall ear on the top of the circle, slightly to the left, and another ear to the right. On this ear, to give off a cute look,draw half a tall ear and draw another half of an ear,diagonally downwards, with the bottom closer to the right.   

Step 4.

Draw two large ovals for eyes and colour them in black, leaving a small circle (for a sparkle in the eye)at the top right corner of the eye.

Step 5.

Draw a nose and a mouth with two buckteeth. To make it look more realistic, add some whiskers and dots by the mouth.

Step 6.

To add detail to your drawing add some fur to your rabbit, not many rabbits don't have fur! To make it extra cute, do a fur mark in the middle of the eyes, but higher than the eyes.

Step 7.

Outline the rabbit with a black marker and colour it in. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial!

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Artist: frogfrog
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Description: This is how to draw a rabbit! Hope you like it!