How to Draw a Hyena Puppy

Artist: NeekoNoir / March 3, 2013

Step 1.

You can't see too much hyena character in the cartoons, but here some type and form, where you can start the hyena cartoon drawing.

Step 2.

That you can start easier the drawing about them, here their bodies with more bigger forms and body shape. As you can see in the cartoon lions tutorial from me, here you can find the main two types of the hyenas too, the type who walk with four leg,    

Step 3.

Well, as the hyenas usually not a too good characters in the stories, their face usually is really crazy and evil. (And as you know, they are have a really bad habit with the "laugh" usually their have a face with big crazy smile).

Step 4.

Firstly, draw the main form of the puppies body. As the tutorial drawing about hyena puppies, he needs to be more fluffy and cute, than the adult types.

Step 5.

Usually we start with the head part, but in that drawing I started the drawing with the body part (As you can see the main form of the head too, it won't be hard to draw after the body). As he sitting, you can draw in that part the first two legs t   

Step 6.

That he can be more cute you need to draw a furry part for his chest too.

Step 7.

Draw some little details for the chest part, that it's looks like more furry now :)

Step 8.

And now draw more furry part for his body. Now you have the feeling, that you want to give for him a big hug :)

Step 9.

Draw for his body the typical hynea design for his furry. :)

Step 10.

The next part is the two legs in his back side. He needs to have big paws :)

Step 11.

Draw the little details for his pawn about the lower side, so you can see now how cute will be that hyena puppy!

Step 12.

As on his body, draw his furry design too for his legs' upper part too!

Step 13.

And now (usually that's the beginner part, but now, this is the last main part :)) draw the main for of his head!

Step 14.

Draw the main form of his mouth too. As a cute puppy does, he will have a little smile on his face (as the puppies not looks like crazy like the adult hyenas :))

Step 15.

Fore the more cuteness, draw a little punk hair for him!

Step 16.

Draw the main forms of his eyes with the eyebrows too!

Step 17.

And now draw his eyes! :)They are needs to be really big, that he can be really cute!

Step 18.

Finish the eyes part with the pupil and the iris with the lights. These are really cute and lovely Bambi eyes now :)

Step 19.

Finish the mouth part with his big nose!

Step 20.

And as on his other parts too, now draw the hyena design for his face too!

Step 21.

And now, draw the main forms of his ears, and his tail. They are need to be big, but cute!

Step 22.

And now the last step, draw the furry part of his ears!Aren't he cute now with that?

Step 23.

Congratulation, you finished your picture about your hyena puppy! I hope, you enjoyed the drawing as me! :) Now you can go and color your own hyena puppy picture!

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Artist: NeekoNoir
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