How to Draw a Cartoon Hyena


This is a framed out drawing on how the shapes and guides should be drawn for two different poses of the hyena. One is a hyena sitting, and the other is of one on the prowl.


Let's get started with the lesson of the face from full frontal view. Start by making a circle, then sketch in the facial guides. Then draw out the shape of the snout followed by the lower jaw or lip. You will then use the facial guidelines you made    


Now we will draw the hyena from a profile state. Start again with a circle like so, then draw out the sloped shape of the snout. When that is done you can draw in the marking line around the snout, followed by the eye. Draw the top row of sharp teeth   


Now that you have a full frontal lesson as well as a profile lesson on the hyena, how about a 3/4 view lesson on the hyena. You will begin the same by drawing a circle for the head as well as a facial guideline. Sketch out the forehead, and the snout   


This is a youth version of a hyena. You will draw or make the circle for the head guide, then sketch in the facial guidelines. Begin sketching out the shape of the face making sure that the cheeks are prominent. Draw in the large ears which lay flat    


This is just the rough sketch of how the hyena looks in both poses. As you can see these animals are both goofy, and mean looking.


Start with three circles, one for the head, the torso, and back end. Draw in the legs, followed by the feet. Sketch in the facial guidelines.


Begin sketching out the structure of the hyena's face like so. You will only be drawing the cheeks, jaw, and snout.


Finish drawing the head by adding the ears, and tuft of hair. Notice how both ears have some battle damage which is the notches. Sketch in the detailing to the ears, then draw in the face. I decided to give this hyena a goofy look. Draw the eyes, nos   


The hyena have hunched over shaped backs. Draw the back with a high arched shoulder. Draw in the lower part of the back followed by the chest, and belly. You will then draw out the very thick looking front leg and large paw. Sketch in some hair on th   


Draw out the rest of the legs the very same way or style you did the first leg and paw. When that is done sketch out the tail, followed by the hair on the arched back. Add detailing where needed.


To finish off the hyena, you will need to erase the guides as well as the mistakes. When that is done, draw the marking lines that separates the chest from the top of the body. Add the color marking on the ankles, followed by the toes and nails. Draw   


Finally, here is your finished drawing of a cartoon hyena. Color him in and that's it!

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October 10, 2012

Description: This next lesson will take you back to the Savannah wild where lions, tigers, and giraffes run free. To go with the zombie Simba, I wanted to make a tutorial on "how to draw a cartoon Hyena", step by step. Hyenas are strange but interesting animals. Even though they are a brutal species, they still have their way of life. They are considered to be scavengers of the safari, and will always be anuscence to other animals. The lion is the hyenas biggest rival and because of this there is a lot of hostility between the two species. The coloring came out pretty cool, but I should have toned down the definition around the shoulders a bit because he looks like a muscular hyena. Anyways, I do hope you like drawing a cartoon hyena because I know I did. Gotta go folks because I have to prepare some more drawing fun for you all. Peace out and enjoy!

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