How to Draw Cartoon Lions

Artist: NeekoNoir / March 3, 2013

Step 1.

Firstly, I would like to show some main type of the cartoon lions, and you know them, it's sure :) Well, Kimba and Simba have a same type expect the eyes, but when you see a lion in a cartoon style they are similar with that types. As you can see, so   

Step 2.

Here, you can see the main two cartoon lion type's body and body shapes, and some example how they can walk. (A little tip: If you would like to learn more about the movement of them, you need to see more example from videos about big cats or -if you   

Step 3.

Cartoon lions have similar expressions on their faces like people. But of course, it isn't easier to draw them because their face shape. Here some example, that you can see, how it's works on them, and the mix with human and animal expressions on the   

Step 4.

And now, we need to start the how to draw part of the tutorial. Firstly, draw the body's main shape and lines!

Step 5.

Now draw the shape of his face. It's need to be furry, don't forget! :)

Step 6.

Now draw the main shape of his mouth, as he will yawn, as a lazy big cat does :)

Step 7.

Here the inner part of his mouth. It isn't need to be scary, more like a cute cat mouth :)

Step 8.

And here the nose part :) As I said, your lion character is need to be more like a cute kitty, than a scary predator :) Draw a little nose for him.

Step 9.

For the perfect expressions on his face, he needs to have eyebrows too. Draw for him!

Step 10.

And now, draw his eyes line for him.

Step 11.

The next step is the main form of his ears. He need really big, but not too huge ears, that he can be cute, but not an mouse :)

Step 12.

Now draw the inner furry part of his ears for him!

Step 13.

Draw the upper part for his hair :) He looks like Elvis now, but don't worry, he will have more hair soon!

Step 14.

As I said, here the next part of his hair to the right sight!

Step 15.

Now the other side have a little more hair.. he is really handsome now :D

Step 16.

And now draw the main form of his legs on the front side.

Step 17.

Draw some details for his legs, that they can looks like paws.

Step 18.

Now draw the back part of his body!

Step 19.

Draw the details for the last leg, that you can see his paw on that too :)

Step 20.

And now draw the base form of his tail!

Step 21.

And finally, that's the last step, draw the furry part of his tail! :)

Step 22.

Congratulation, you finished your picture about your cartoon lion character! I hope, you enjoyed the drawing as me! :) Now you can go and color your own lion picture!

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Description: Welcome to the tutorial to draw cartoon lions. You can find a lot of tips about the lion drawing with a lot of interesting things, and information too. I had fun creating this lesson and be sure to show me how you did!