How to Draw Anime Dogs


There are typically, many types of dogs like German Shepherds, Great Danes, Yorkies, Pugs, Huskies, etc. When drawing in an anime style, we have to replicate those key features of our favorite dogs. For instance, if we were to draw an anime Great Dan   


With that being said in the above steps, another thing to keep in mind is the various styles to draw your canines. Here I draw two styled puppies, which is the cute big eyed - stubby pup, and the medium length legged and small head pup, with big eyes   


Here's a few more styles of the many anime styles you can draw adult dogs. Style 3 is a long legged, kind of celestial looking creature with a bit of mysterious presence. The long features give this creature a bit of uniqueness. The 4th style, is jus   


Here's a method I use ALL the time when I draw paws. I start to draw the silhouette shape of the paw, then I work outwards from the smallest paw toe, to the two largest, and then the slightly hidden fourth paw toe. Afterwards, I sketch the details wh   


Begin with a large circle for the head, then sketch in a facial guideline.


Next, begin sketching out the shape of the anime dog's face which should include the cute floppy ears. You will also need to add some fluff on top of the head.


You are now ready to draw out the large circles for the eyes making sure that the top lid line is thick and or bold. Draw the small nose, then draw in the mouth and chin.


Almost done I promise. Begin sketching out the chest like you see here, then draw in the stubby legs and small paws. I drew one of the legs in a lifting position for a cute action pose.


Draw out the small back, then the two hind legs and feet. Add detailing to the front lifted paw, then proceed to step ten.


Lastly, draw in the small tail, then add the toe lines on each paw. You will need to erase the mistakes you have made along the way.


That's it, you're all done. Now you can color in your pooch to perfection. I hope you like drawing this anime style dog.

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August 30, 2012

Description: Okay, so before I move onto another chibi character from a cartoon series, I wanted to very quickly show you guys a way that you can draw anime dogs better. This is another lesson that I wanted to make a new one from an old because I believe that I can explain tips, and ideas a whole lot better when it comes to drawing these types of animals, as well as other concepts that have to do with anime or manga. I have been drawing anime animals since forever so over the years my drawing style has changed and even improved. It still amazes me that the anime puppy and anime kitty in the top 50 has been there since 2008 or 2009 without budging. I really liked making another version of this anime pup because to me anime animals are way cuter than the real thing. I love anime, I will always love anime, and because of this, ideas for making new anime tutorials never leaves my side. Well, hopefully those of you that decide to tackle this submission will learn something new when it comes to drawing anime dogs. I have to shut up because I'm starting to repeat myself a little too much. Adios for now people, but stick around because there is still much more to come.

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