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How to Draw a Simple Puppy

Artist: jollygeek / December 20, 2012
How to Draw a Simple Puppy

Step 1.

First lets draw a circle for his head and a plump, and roundish body.

Step 2.

Now lets draw circles for his shoulders, small shapes for his paws, and a small curl for is tail.

Step 3.

Let's finish up the sketch by giving him a face and limbs. Two triangles on his head for ears, and round muzzle and two small eyes.

Step 4.

Now lets begin with his head. Add some extra fluff and a truffle on top of his head.

Step 5.

Let's finish off his head. Draw his big noes, and a big smile with his tongue handing out as if he is happy. Then finally his ears which should be fluffy as well.

Step 6.

Time to draw his body. It should be fluffy and big. Use the guided outlines from Step 1, and use it to draw fluffy around his body.

Step 7.

Next are his limbs. They should be short, and stubby.

Step 8.

Last lets draw his little paws. Don't forget his toes! His paws should be really small.

Step 9.

Last but not least his tail! Like the rest of him, it should be big, round and super fluffy!

Step 10.

Now just add a nice black outline and coloring him in anyway you like!

Step 11.

Poms come in many colors, white, brown, light brown and tan. My pom is going to be a light tan.

Step 12.

Just add some fun shading and your done!

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Artist: jollygeek
Date Added: December 20, 2012
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Tags: how to draw dogs, how to draw puppies
Description: This is a simple step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a cute and fluffy Pomeranian! Pomeranians are small fluffy dogs that always look silly.