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How to Draw a Hunter

Artist: NeekoNoir / July 10, 2011
How to Draw a Hunter

Step 1.

Firstly, here some example for the clothes to men and women too. These can be more difficult or more simple, this is your choice. But generally, they are disguising, and merge to the environment. The style is depend on the hunter's personality, clan,   

Step 2.

They wear headgears mostly for the festivals, but some more simple type can be generally wears too. Generally theye headgears could be horns, or skulls, or animalhead with furry (like the hunters mostly hunt for animals, so they have more things from   

Step 3.

Hunter tattoos festival things too, but the simple types can be wears for everyday (if it's help to the merge in the environment too). You can see some indian, or nonfig tattoo too, you choice, what you like for your figure.

Step 4.

Hunters have a lot of weapon like knife, or lance, but they use mostly the bow. If you curious about the knife, and other weapons too, please visit my "How to draw Rouge" and "How to draw Assassin" tutorial. So, here some type for the bow, what can    

Step 5.

This is the way how can you draw bow the easier way. You need to start from a circle, after a half circle, and then, you need to draw the details to the base form.

Step 6.

Hunter's move is always sidle, quiet and careful, this is important thing, when they hunt to animals, and they can be a good fighter too. Here some pose, what show two sidle pose and one attack pose. (The first is more like a mix of the sidle and the   

Step 7.

Generally in the games, like in the WoW, hunters have a pet, or sometimes they can be change to an animal too. In the picture, you can see some animal for the genders too (but you don't must hold this rules of course). In the down part of picture's c   

Step 8.

Draw the human and animal base with only lines and the main points. Now, you have a little harder work, becuase in this picture an animal stay too, but don't worry, you can do it! :)

Step 9.

You can draw now the second base of human and animal, and bow, with more details. You need decompose the body form to geometric planes, it's make easier for your drawing. It's seems to be more difficult now, but later you can see why looks like this    

Step 10.

Draw the shape of her face and starting the front hair line. For the tiger, draw the whole head. Draw their eyes and for the girl draw the eyebrows too.

Step 11.

After this, draw the ears (the girl has elf-ears now), the main lines of the noses and the mouths too.

Step 12.

Finish the details of faces, like the pupils, the little details of mouth and nose and ears. You can start to draw now the base form of the girl's hair and headgear.

Step 13.

Draw the details of the girl's hair and the details of her headgear too. Draw the black side of tiger ears, and the tiger rays too.

Step 14.

Now, the next step is the torso, arms and the bow/arrow base form.

Step 15.

Draw the form lines of body parts, finish the main, base form's lines too, and the clothes form for the girl.

Step 16.

Draw the details of bow and narrow, and for the girl's clothes. You can continue the tiger rays on his torso, and arms.

Step 17.

The next is the hunter's tattoo. I choose a tribal, nonfigurative tattoo and it's looks like difficult, but you can choose a more simple type too, if you choose from the exampes about hunter tattoo.

Step 18.

You can draw now the base form of the legs and the bodies's down parts.

Step 19.

Draw more details, finish the base lines of base form and draw the base form of clothes too.

Step 20.

Now you can draw the little details of the girl's legs, and the clothes lines, and the tiger claws.

Step 21.

You can finish the tiger rays on his legs, and on his tail too. The girl only have with a little bird skull in her belt, that's the only thing, what you need finish in this step.

Step 22.

Your own hunter and hunter's pet/ hunter's animal form figure is done, now color them as you want! After that everything is your choice. I really like draw these figures with you, i hope, you too! Great work guys!

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Artist: NeekoNoir
Date Added: July 10, 2011
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Description: Welcome to the tutorial to draw a fantasy hunter. You can find a lot of tips about the the hunter and hunter's pets drawing with a lot of interesting thing, information too. I had fun creating this lesson and be sure to show me how you did!