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Of course, when you draw a priest you need to choice, that your figure will be "good" priest (the healer), or "bad" priest (the fighter). The fighter priest has wilder, darker and frightful clothes and this give to him/her a dark aura, their main abi   


You can see here some priest-pose, where you see, how blessing, or evoke her/his power.


As in my other tutorial too, here you can find variations for the priest-clothes. Here some clothes-type for the woman and man too. You can find armors, or a simple clothes too, this is your choice, that your priest what kind of personality, that she   


Okay, the next step is the priest's weapon, what generally the main weapon is the sceptre, or staff. It's would be more scifi style, or made from wood, or have crystals in the end, or a wood-animaltotem. It's depend of the character personality, and   


So, how we can draw fantasy clothes? What made more imaginativer a clothes? Here a little illustration for this question. A fantasy clothes (in this affair a priest clothes) have big armours and a little ancient-type for the clothes-style. If you wan   


You figure and picture could be more dynamic and realistic, if the priest's magic is apparent for the watcher. But how you can draw a thing, what originally doesn't being in the real world? It's your fantasy! In the picture you see one example for    


Draw the human base with only lines and the main points. Now, you have a harder work, becuase in this picture a man and a woman priest have too, but don't worry, it's easier, than you think!


You can draw now the second base of human, and weapons, with more details. You need decompose the body form to geometric planes, it's make easier for your drawing.


Draw the shape of his and her face and starting the front hair line. Draw their eyes and eyebrows too.


The next is the other parts of faces, like the noses, ears, and mouths too and finish the eyes with the pupils.


Draw the little details of the faces, what you can finish this part of the human.


Draw the base of their hairs, wit the hair ornaments (in the girl's hair) too.


Now here the step with the hair's details too, as you see in the picture.


Now the next is the torsos, with arms, with the girl's weapon too (because she is hold this really closely for her body, sou it's not advisable to decompose this two part. You have a little luck, because the girl's clothes is really long, and the c   


Diconnect the clothes part from the body's part with base, main lines.


Draw the details of clothes, and weapons, the ornaments and the plaits too, with the body's part, the lines of muscles and the finger's forms for the hands.


Now the next is the lower part of human bodies. For the start just draw the main, base lines, and you can see, how helpful, that you draw the girl's legs form when you draw the clothes.


Draw the man's base form of underclothes.


And now, you can draw the details of this parts too. Finish the girl's legs, and the man's legs and underwears too.


And the last part is the magic things. It's your choice. You can draw magic circle (like in the main picture's backround) or flames, like here. Draw the base form of flames.


Draw the details of flames, it's just some little lines, that the flames more would be cooler and dynamic.


Your own priest figure is done (the man, and woman too), now color him/her as you want! After that everything is your choice. I really like draw this figure with you, i hope, you too! Great work guys!

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July 7, 2011

Description: Welcome to the tutorial to draw a fantasy priest (like in the WoW). You can find a lot of tips about the the priest drawing with a lot of interesting thing, information too. I had fun creating this lesson and be sure to show me how you did!

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