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How To Draw a Model, Models

Artist: catlucker / July 15, 2011
How To Draw a Model, Models

Step 1.

Hi everyone! Take your regular No.2 pencil or whichever one you are most comfortable with and let's begin! You'll start with the head and work your way down with the guidelines. Do this lightly so you can change it more easily. Make sure yours matche   

Step 2.

Draw the red lines for his face, hair & ears. Draw in a the curve of his brow, cheek bone, and jawline. Compare your shape to this step's guidelines.

Step 3.

See how his eyes are on top of the horizontal guidelines. Draw the eyes there and include his upper lip under the circle guideline.

Step 4.

Now draw in his eyebrows and nose to complete his facial features. Don't worry about his likeness, but check to see if his face is in proportion.

Step 5.

Get those nice curls in his hair. When you draw the hair on the crown of Jason's head make it go out further from the back portion of the guideline circle. After it all looks good, you will start detailing from his neck on down to his torso.

Step 6.

After it all looks good, you will start detailing from his neck, shoulders, pectorals, shirt. Don't forget the draping from his arms. Last but not least include the ab definition, belt and legs.

Step 7.

Add in Jason's collar bone, other shoulder, underneath his arms, hands, other folds in his shirt. Don't forget the tail of his shirt--that line is not extended all the way because you will draw in the next step his legs.

Step 8.

Pat yourself on the back because you have advanced this far in the tutorial. Now, draw Jason's back of the pant leg and his other leg. If your shirt tail doesn't extend far enough after drawing in the legs... go ahead and draw it to connect to his le   

Step 9.

For those of you who love drawing the outline part for the drawing, here it is! You should have the guidelines erased. Now you can smile and pat yourself on the back. The next few steps will be for a detailed, shaded drawing.

Step 10.

Here's how the pencil outline looks. You drawing may appear a little different. Why not tweak it (erase some errors) and make sure it looks like the picture. Here are more detailed outlines for shading.

Step 11.

Use circular, straight or cross-hatched lines to shade. Using all the shading techniques will not harm the picture.

Step 12.

Blend with tissue, Q-tips, or any kind of blending stump. You will get nice tone values throughout the picture. If your details become too smudgy, erase the dark splotches and softly shade with a tissue.

Step 13.

Here's the last final work for Jason Aaron Braca. Smile because he does look handsome. You don't have to fill in the background. I did it to bring out his highlighted face, shoulders and shirt. Congratulations on your drawing. Let me know how you did   

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Artist: catlucker
Date Added: July 15, 2011
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Tags: draw people, draw bodies, how to draw sexy, how to draw bodies, how to draw men, draw a model, draw models
Description: Here is Mr. Jason Aaron Braca a real, live breathing model with a striking body. This gentleman gave me permission to use his photos for my artwork as long as I credited and linked back. Thank you Jason for your generosity. So my peeps, copy this web address to access his pictures at DeviantArt: http://jasonaaronbaca.deviantart.com/ This is a more simple tutorial for your pleasure. And we have a handsome, faint-worthy model to draw from. I'll be taking a hiatus for a while. My back needs to heal from an injury I just got... In the meantime I may post some of my art. Hopefully, I'll be able to get back to doing tutorials sooner. Comment, fav, and vote for this tutorial. I'd love to hear what you got to say! Luv ya all. Peace out!