How to Draw a Bluebird

Artist: corelila / June 9, 2011

Step 1.

With a pencil, draw two egg shapes, like this. Keep your lines as light as you can all through this tutorial. It's ok if they aren't perfect, you'll be erasing them at the end anyway!

Step 2.

Connect the two shapes together. This will become your basic outline of the bird.

Step 3.

now add the wings, eyes, and beak. The wings should go a little over the bird's back and connect with the tail smoothly.

Step 4.

Now, add the branch. While drawing, try to keep the thickness of the branch the same. It will go in front of the bird, so keep that in mind, too. Once you have your lines for the branch in pencil, take your pen and go over them with ink. If you    

Step 5.

Now for some of the details! For these steps, use an ink pen. If you feel uncomfortable using just an ink pen, do them with pencil first and then trace over the lines. Try to make the details look sort of like feathers. Pay extra attention to the    

Step 6.

Now it's time to do the chest and throat feathers! They will look like little V's all put together. It's ok to put some above the head guideline. You wont know the difference later. When you draw the feet, you should probably use a pencil first, u   

Step 7.

Time for more bird feathers! Use a pen or a pencil, but remember to trace over what you've done with an ink pen when you're done. Keep in mind what direction the bird feather are growing in. That will make a big difference in the way they look!

Step 8.

If you didnt trace over your branch in ink before, remember to do that now. I put lines over my branch in this drawing to show you how to draw some of the curves, but you should keep that branch empty. It's really hard, almost impossible, to erase in   

Step 9.

Now's the fun part! When your lines dry, erase all your pencil marks. You'll see your beautiful details!

Step 10.

Now use your pen and mark in any spots you may have missed or forgot to outline in pen. Mistakes happen, dont let them get you down. Just mark over them. If you accidentally put a line or two over your branch, just color in the branch with your p   

Step 11.

You're done! Yay! Now you can shade it in with your pencil or color it. I would recommend watercolors or colored pencils, but it's up to you! I've found that markers tend to smear or cover up any details, so you might want to be wary about colo   

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Artist: corelila
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Description: Bluebirds are beautiful creatures. Maybe you spotted one outside your window, maybe you just love birds, this tutorial is for you!