How to Draw a Bald Eagle


Here are the pencils that I used for this tutorial. The 4H and 2H were used for light shading. HB was used for sketching. B was used for outlining and dark shading. 8B was used for the really dark values in the background.


Kick this drawing off by creating a basic sketch of the eagle's head. Use the guidelines if you need them. Just remember to keep your sketch as light and as clean as possible.


Once you have a basic sketch, add a few more details and define the outline just a bit more. don't get too carried away with detail yet though.


Now shade in the background. There is an infinite number of ways that you can shade the background, so be creative with it! I first shaded with the HB then created the darker areas with an 8B.


I find it easiest to work from the eye outward. I used the B pencil for the dark areas and the 4H for the shadows of the feathers.


Now shade in the outer beak. I used the 2H for this because it is just a bit darker than the 4H.


Put down one layer for the inner mouth. I used my 2H and HB pencils for this.


Now, add in the darker values using the b and 8B pencils into the mouth.


Now move away from the light feathers and concentrate on the neck and the wing. use the HB and 8B to get really dark values here. Try to frame up the light feathers as well.


Now just finish up the drawing adding some light shading with your 4H to the feathers. Chances are that you smudges some of the darker shading as you were drawing so go over that again with the 8B and HB. Again, I really enjoyed this tutorial and I w   

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July 10, 2011

Description: Hey guys, I here's probably one of my favorite tutorials so far! I love birds and bald eagles are just awesome! Whether you share my love for birds or not, I'm sure you'll learn something new from this tutorial!

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