How to Draw a Heart for Easter

Artist: Dawn / March 30, 2019

Step 1.

Start off by drawing two lines as if you are going to draw a heart. Leave the top and what is going to be the bottom tip empty like you see here.

Step 2.

Begin to draw the first carrots shape. This should be chubby at the top and taper off at the end forming a point.

Step 3.

Repeat the same exact thing you just completed in step two. Be sure to draw the this carrot so the tips touch one another.

Step 4.

Now that you have the two carrot shapes, you can go ahead and add the grooved lines on the carrots.

Step 5.

Start with one green carrot stem and be sure that it falls in a curved arch between the two carrots.

Step 6.

For the last step you will repeat what you just did and when completing this step be sure that the falling stem forms a heart shape like you see here. Erase the mistakes if you made any as well as the guidelines.

Step 7.

That's it. You are all done. Now you can color in your Easter heart made of carrots.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: March 30, 2019
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Tags: how to draw hearts, how to draw carrots, how to draw stuff for easter
Description: Very simple lesson right here. Some may enjoy it, and some may say it's really simple. Up today I will show you how to draw a heart for Easter, step by step using two carrots. I like to call these carrots dwarf carrots. They sell them in my grocery store and they are basically small, stubby looking carrots that kind of remind me of something a chibi would eat. Anyways, what makes the heart shape is the actual carrots stems. They curl or fall over to form the heart and this is something that can actually be done using real carrots. I don't know yet, that is something I have try out. Anyways, have fun drawing this cute, simple easter heart. I know it will be fun and different to tackle for the upcoming holiday. Adios and be back soon.