How to Draw a Heart on Fire

How to Draw a Heart on Fire
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First, let's begin with the simple guidelines which will build up the heart's shape.


Then, let's work on the burnt part of the heart which will be flowing upwards like so. This will be all black.


Next, draw the warped heart shape, leaving some erased etchy sketchy lines to leave room for the lines for the flames.


Next, let's scar this heart up with the parts of it turning black and peeling away as the heart burns alive.


Then, draw the intertwined flames to keep the flow and movement of the piece going.


Finish off with the rest of the flames behind the initial ones already drawn.


Once you've reviewed your drawing, you should have lines that look similar to this. Don't forget to ink your drawing out and post it on here, I want to see how yours came out!

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January 16, 2020

Hey everyone! Let's learn to draw some cool tattoo tuts today that I think you'll definitely love. We're going to be drawing a burning heart of fire to emphasize all the pain and misery a heart can go through before it's completely burnt out. I really loved experimenting with this piece and I know you guys will love it too!

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