How to Draw a Flying Heart


Start off with a normal simple heart shape and then draw an oblong circle in the middle for the mouth.


You will begin forming that actual shape and outline of the monster like heart as you see here. The lining is uneven and full of lumps.


Form the shape of the crooked mouth.


Draw in the monstrous teeth which are razor sharp and pointed like knives. Add some detailing around the mouth as well.


Next, draw the limbs for the wings and then add some detailing to the style of the wings so they look decrepitated.


Add the sharp, pointed thumb claws on the tips of the wings like you see here and add definition to them as well.


Lastly, go ahead and draw out some holes, and then draw a long, slithering disgusting tongue. Add detailing and then erase the mistakes and any visible guides.


That's it, you are all done and now ready to color in this drawing of a flying heart.

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May 19, 2020

Description: For my next flying related lesson we will tackle this gruesome task of drawing a flying heart, step by step. This heart is diseased, evil and full of hate. This is what I think of when I cross the path of someone who is diabolical, sinister and full of deceit and hate. I did however have a lot of fun creating this concept and I think you will too. It's relatively easy despite how it looks so go ahead and have fun as you learn how to draw a flying heart.

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