How to Draw a Heart and Rose

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We will start off by making the shape of a heart and then add a small hole in the center.


Next, draw in some feathery style embroidering on the sides of the heart shape like you see here. You can make designs of anything you like, it doesn't have to be feathers.


Next, draw the metal detailing around the top of the heart which will form a box like shape. This lining will also turn into the keyhole in the center.


Draw the lining on the lower sides of the heart to add more dimension and style. There are also rivets which welds the metal together. The great thing about this lesson is, you can call this drawing finished without the addition of the rose, or you c   


If you chose step five, as you know you will be drawing the rose in the center of the heart. Add some ruffle lining detail and then proceed to step six once you have erased the mistakes.


Here is the line art. Color it as you which using any shades you like. Good job folks, keep up the good work and don't forget to show off your skills.

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August 5, 2015

Description: I attempted to make a lesson based on a heart shaped box, but the texture style and design concept doesn't exactly show this heart as a box. So, because of this I will rename this tutroial to, how to draw a heart and rose. The heart is more like a lock, but the heart covers the keyhole because not just anyone can see the way to your heart. A rose covers the keyhole to block out all light until that certain someone comes along and makes you feel alive. Then and only then will the rose wilt away and your heart will open up. Once love is found, your heart is discovered.

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