How to Draw a Harley Davidson Skull


Make an odd shaped circle for the skull's head guide like so. Sketch in the facial guidelines too.


Next, sketch out the actual structure of the head or skull like so, then draw in the cheek bones along with the temple indents.


Here you will complete the formation of the Harley Davidson skull by drawing the upper mandible. Draw in the row of teeth and make sure to add the bone detailing along the back sides of the upper jaw.


We will use the facial guidelines to draw in the face. Start with the large hollow eye sockets like so, then sketch in the definition for the brow bone. Also add more detailing to the top part of the skull.


All you have to do here is draw the nasal cavity. Add pinch like marks around the nasal cavity outline like so for added texture detailing.


You are one step away from finishing your drawing. Begin this step by sketching out the first layer of wings. This has short, stiff feathers with a jagged edge.


Complete the wings by sketching out the rest of the feathers. The outer feathers should end up looking like a spread out fan wing display. Erase the mistakes and you're done.


Here is the finished product when you are all done. All you have to do now is either draw HD in the background or the full name Harley Davidson. Color it in and that's it.

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May 23, 2014

Description: Before I move away from skulls, skeletons or bikes, I wanted to upload this tutorial on "how to draw a Harley Davidson skull". I wanted to make this drawing/lesson to go with the biker babe. Since I was inspired by all the bikers that have been flying by my window, why not make a skull based on Harley Davidson's design with flying wings. The overall design of this skull shouldn't be too hard to replicate but if you run into some problems you can dust yourself off and try again until you get it right. Let me shut up so you can start drawing your Harley Davidson skull.

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