How to Draw a Cool Face


Start off with the outlined guide shape for the head/face of your face that you will be drawing.


Starting inside the shape you just made, begin sketching out the bone structure for the half bone half muscle exposed face. Start with the indent for the left temple, then draw in both cheek formations on both sides of the face.


Next, draw in the length and simple outlined shape for the nose. Once that is done you can draw in the lips which are full and small.


Draw in the nostrils and definition on top of the nose. Color in the nostril holes as well.


You can now begin sketching in the exposed muscle tissue on the face which is in different shapes. It looks like the face is being stretched using different sections of muscle tissue.


Use the facial guidelines to draw in the the almond shaped eyes like so. When that is done you will also need to draw in the muscle tissue under each eye and above both eyes.


Next, draw in the eyeballs, then add detailing around the eyes to make a circle that forms around the top lids. Sketch in more muscle tissue on the cheek to the right, then some minor definition to the left.


The right side of this face has a lot more muscle exposed then the left side. So here you will begin drawing the muscle tissue along the cheek bone and then above the eye which would have been the brow if there was skin on the face.


Sketch out the form of the head.


Sketch in the muscle tissue on the right side of the head all the way on the forehead. When that is done fill in the space behind the left temple with muscle tissue.


Now you can take your time as you sketch out the jaw structure which is very defined. The bottom mandible is nicely formed as you can see.


Sketch in more muscle tissue along the chin and jaw. When that is done fill in the empty gap on the left side for more of his face structure or formation.


Now we can add the neck shape. This should be done in a straight lined manner to make the pose of the neck and head very stiff and firm. Draw the neck bones like so as well.


Also fill in the entire neck with muscle tissue. These are just simple swift sketchy lines to form the stretched look. Some lines are thicker then others so be sure not to make all the lines the same in size and thickness.


The head and face is done. We will work on the roses next. Start the first rose on the left by sketching out the slit from the petals.


From that one slit, begin sketching out the bulb formation of the rose. Add layers inside the bud as well.


Continue working on drawing the rose by adding two more layers of petals. As you can see the edges of the petals are also split.


Next up, draw in the last of the rose petals like so, then proceed to step nineteen.


Just add the leaves for the rose on the left side and you will be done with that side.


Now start drawing the rose on the right beginning the same way you did the rose on the left.


Form a bulb like shape for your rose's body, then draw in the wilted over edges of the rose petals.


Sketch in more of the petals for your rose like so until you have a fully drawn in bloom.


Add the leaves at the base of the rose, then proceed to step twenty four.


For the last step all you have to do is sketch in the detailing to the leaves. Once that is done you can erase all the mistakes you made.


The line art looks like so. Now color in the cool face with roses to complete this project.

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May 29, 2014

Description: So this tut has more then twenty steps and I laid it out like that for a reason. I have no idea what drove me to make such a lesson as this, all I know is it was totally out of the blue. I didn't anticipate it coming out looking so cool and I think the roses on each side of the neck made a nice touch. Up next we will learn "how to draw a cool face", step by step. I say cool because it is just that. The exposed skull bone on one side of the face mixed with the muscle tissue makes this a twisted formation of a human face. It sort of reminds me of Hannibal from the Hannibal television series mixed with Handsome face from SpongeBob Squarepants when Squidward gets a face lift. There is a lot of steps because I wanted everyone to give this concept a go. You don't have to follow the lesson verbatim, just do what you can and improvise with the areas you don't get right. For now this is a learning experience that will take you novice artist forever to complete, or you experienced artists minutes to complete. Have fun either way and please don't forget to leave me some feedback.

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