How to Draw a Giraffe Head

How to Draw a Giraffe Head
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Start out by picking your pencils. I used a 3H pencil for light shading, an F pencil for general shading/lines, and a 3B pencil for dark shading.


Start out with a basic sketch. Use the guidelines if you need them.


Your sketch should look something like this. I used an F pencil then blended in my lines with a blending stump.


Start defining your sketch further using the same pencil. Start around the eyes then move up to the ears and horns.


After you are finished with the top half of the head move on to the bottom half.


Finish sketching the head then move on to the neck.


Now, use a 3B pencil to lightly shading in the background. Then use either a paper towel or a blending stump to smooth out your shading.


Lightly go over your drawing with a paper towel or blending stump to smooth out your shading a bit. Don't overdo it! Just try to lessen the amount of white on the drawing.


Time to start adding final details. Try to work section-by-section. Use F and 3B pencil for the dark shading and 3H for the fur and light shading. Pay attention to line direction from this step on when dealing with the fur. Try not to just scribble y   


Finish shading the top half of the head. Smooth out you background as you move along using a 3B pencil and a blending stump.


Finish shading the rest of the head. Keep working on the background. Use a kneadable eraser to lighten your shading as opposed to a regular eraser.


Build up the shading of the neck some more concentrating mainly on the spots and mane.


Finish up the neck and wrap up the drawing by adding finishing touches to your details and background. I hope you all enjoyed this one. Comments and questions are welcome!

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March 6, 2012

This is a tutorial that was requested of me a while ago. I'll be showing you all how to draw on of nature's most chill creatures, the giraffe. Get your supplies ready and have at it!

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