How To Draw a Giraffe

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Okay this is step one, and in step one you will be drawing out the guidelines and circle shapes to help make drawing a giraffe a whole lot easier. Start by drawing a small circle for the head with a squared cone shape for the nozzle. Then draw the tw   


In this step you are going to be drawing out the outer frame of the giraffes body. Starting at the head all you have to do is sketch out the shape of the face using the shapes you drew in step 1. Sketch in an eye and detail the snout a bit and add a    


This is a very short simple step because all you will be doing is sketching out the shape of the giraffes legs. This is a very simple procedure to do because the legs are basiclly straight lines that go up and down. Detail the giraffe a bit and move    


This is going to be a very time consuming step because you literally have to sketch out each spot shape all over the entire body, even the legs. Each spot is different and they should get smaller as you go down the length of the legs. After you draw    


And whala this is what you should end up with when you are done with your sketch. Simple right? I know. Well this was another fun tutorial on how to draw an African Plains giraffe.

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February 29, 2008

Description: Here is an awesome tutorial on how to draw a Giraffe. I say awesome because this is an awesome animal to be writing about. When ever I go to the zoo I always make sure to stop at the giraffe exhibit. They are so cute and so huge when ever I see one I stand in aw. As many of you know the giraffe is the tallest mammal in the entire world due to their long lanky necks and their remarkably frail looking legs. Did you know, that the legs of a giraffe are taller than most humans measuring a little over 6 feet. Because of their long legs they are able to run 35 miles per hour for short distances and comfortably cruise around the grasslands at 15 miles per hour. As with other African plain animals, giraffes travel in groups, their groups usually contain between 6-8 members of their tribes. Many of us would that having such a long neck would be extremely uncomfortable, but the fact is these animals find it to be very useful and an advantage over other animals of the African plains. For one, the length of their necks allows them to keep a look out for predators that may be lurking around. Secondly, they are able to reach a variety of food on tree tops that no other mammal can reach, especially the leaves from the acacias tree, which is their food of choice. It seems that every inch of this animal is tall or long, I mean take their tongue for instance, it’s almost two feet long; WOW! Imagine having a two foot long tongue, unbelievable. There is a reason why giraffes have such a long tongue, it allows them to yank leaves from the tops of trees and at times they use it as a hand per say. Giraffes are herbivores obviously, and in the wild they can live as long as 25 years. When these animals give birth they are standing, so that means when the baby is born, it has a 5 foot drop to the ground. But there are also disadvantages as well that could cost these graceful beast their lives When drinking at a water hole the giraffe has to spread it’s legs apart just to enable it self to reach the water, and the reason why this position poses a threat is because the big cats of Africa like lions and tigers are able to grapple at there necks very easily. So I guess it is a good thing when they say that giraffes don’t need to drink water everyday because they get most of their liquids from the vegetation they eat. So all in all these animals are remarkable and no matter how you look at them they remain beautiful. In this tutorial you will actually learn to draw a giraffe step by ste

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