How to Draw a Lion Cub, Lion Cubs

Artist: finalprodigy / February 24, 2012

Step 1.

Start out by picking your pencils. I used an F pencil for sketching/lines, a 3H pencil for light shading/lines, and a 3B pencil for dark shading/lines. The pencils indicated in orange are optional. I used them mainly to add finishing touches.

Step 2.

Start out with a basic sketch. Use guidelines if you need them. Either F or 3B will work for shading.

Step 3.

Your sketch should look something like this. I went over my lines with a blending stump and an eraser to clean up my sketch.

Step 4.

Start defining you sketch some more starting at around the eyes. Lightly erase the thicker lines and replace them with more detailed lines. I used an F pencil for these steps.

Step 5.

Further define the top half of the head. Make sure to give the fur direction. Don't just scribble lines in.

Step 6.

Now sketch in the rest of the head.

Step 7.

Finally, roughly sketch in the body fur.

Step 8.

Roughly shade in the corners of the drawing using a 3B pencil. You can also use a 6B pencil to help you produce darker values. Then use a paper towel/blending stump to smooth out your shading.

Step 9.

Start adding details to and around the eyes. Use a 3B pencil for your darkest values, and F pencil for average values, and a 3H pencil for the lightest values. I found 3H and F pencils to work very well when drawing in the fur.

Step 10.

Now go ahead and define the cub's forehead. You can start out by using a blending stump to give you a smooth first layer. You can then draw in the fur using 3H and F pencils.

Step 11.

Now draw in the ears one at a time using the same pencils. You can also use a 3B pencil for the darker values in the ears.

Step 12.

Next up shade in the nose and the "cheeks." I went ahead and erased the basic idea forms of the whiskers during this step.

Step 13.

Now shade in the mouth and chin. Use 3B and F pencils for the dark shading and 3H for the fur. After that start defining the whiskers using a 3H pencil.

Step 14.

Further define the rest of the whiskers as well as the body fur. You could call the drawing done here but I decided to go one step further.

Step 15.

This is the drawing after adding some more details. I used a 7H pencil to go over some of my light fur again. This just adds a bit more realism to the drawing. I used a 4H pencil to go over some of the darker fur. a 6B pencil was used to darken my sh   

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Artist: finalprodigy
Date Added: February 24, 2012
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Description: I know how much you all like cute animals so I decided to create a lion cub tutorial this time! It's so easy to forget that these guys grow into ferocious beasts; they're just so adorable! Get your drawing supplies and have at it!