How to Draw a T-Rex For Kids

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Draw a circle for the head, and then draw out a smaller shape for the body. When that is done draw out a face guide.


Draw out the actual shape of the t-rex's head and then draw out the snout at the same time. You will then add some detailing at the top of the snout, and then draw out the friendly smile, one tooth, and nostril hole.


Not all T-Rex drawings have to come out looking mean. This dinosaur is going to look friendly. Draw out the big eyes, and then draw in the eyeballs. You will also draw the eyebrows, and another nostril hole.


Draw the neck, and then draw out the back part of the body. You will also need to draw out the front arms and hands like so, then move to step five where you will be finishing this dinosaur off.


Lastly, draw out the stomach, thigh, leg, and foot, and then draw in the tail. Erase the lines and shapes that you drew in step one to clean up the drawing.


Here is what the dinosaur looks like when you are all done. Now you can choose a shade to color in your newly drawn T-rex.

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July 16, 2011

Description: Here is a last minute tutorial that I decided to do because of this extremely hot day that I am experiencing right now. I know it may seem odd, but I thought of a dinosaur of all things. You would think that on a hot day thoughts of ice cream, cold showers, or a nice swim in a chilling pool would come to mind. The reason why I made a lesson on "how to draw a t-rex for kids", step by step is because as I sit here in this steaming room, it makes me think how hot dinosaurs must have been as they roamed the lands in the blistering sun, dry deserts, and rough terrains. I thought that a T-Rex would make a great lesson because I don’t have one as of yet, and showing kids, teens, and young adults the art of making one the meanest, brutal, and beastly carnivores ever to have lived is great fun. There are only a few steps involved with this tutorial which means you will be done in no time at all. Well guys, that’s all have for you for this description. You can get busy with this lesson so you can finish up and tackle another. Thanks guys and try to enjoy your hot summer day if you’re experiencing one that is.

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