How to Draw a Fly

Artist: Dawn / December 22, 2007

Step 1.

Start with a oblong oval shape for the body and an egg shape circle for the head.

Step 2.

After that, it's almost like scribbling the lines for the legs. Just picture a fly then draw the shap of their legs.

Step 3.

Next is the long shape inside the flies head which will be it's eye. Then again just make a basic lond half circle for the wings. It is so simple.

Step 4.

Now lets focus on the detailing with it's legs and face. Look at the steps above and as you can see all your doing is thickening the legs and shaping the face.

Step 5.

So far as you can see this fly is taking some form. Thicken the body and add a hump like shape on top of the flies back for at realistic look.

Step 6.

As you can see the legs look more like an insect. Make sure you don't forget to make the grooves in the legs to show the hairy details.

Step 7.

Wow! What a difference. Ad the vains in the wings, put the hair on the legs and head, and ad the lining on the back for that dirty fly look.

Step 8.

And there we have it, a fly. Now you can color your work any color you want, or put cow manure in a pile with flies surrounding it. Anything you want have fun.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: December 22, 2007
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Description: Flies, when you think of a fly, you think of those annoying insects that surround your food in the summer at cookouts, you think of, how gross cow’s look up close with those flies surrounding their poop, or sitting in your house with a fly swatter waiting for them to land near you to stop that constant buzzing sound when your just trying to relax. Finally, their offspring, maggots have to be by far one of the most disgusting insects ever. Even though flies and maggots are gross, what inspired me to draw this fly was the information I found out about them. Don’t get me wrong; once you know the part flies play in our ecosystem, it’s hard to remember again that they really are a necessary part of our world. There are more than 100,000 different kinds of flies. There accentually found all over the world, even in the coldest parts like Antarctica. When drawing a fly remember it’s basically line art. I only used a regular pencil in my sketch which I later scanned into my computer to color and modify it. The best part of drawing a fly, you can really use your imagination. When starting your sketch there is only two things you need, a pencil and a piece of paper. This tutorial will show you how to draw a fly by using line work and subtle details on the legs. After you’re done, don’t forget to show off your finished work.