How to Draw a Ninja Skull


we'll start off with a pretty simple egg shape.


draw his jaw line and make a shape (it looks like the infinity sign), where his mean eyes are going to be..


follow the lines drawn. draw his eyes, nose, and give his face some touch..


rub out all the unnecessary lines till drawn. it'll make a hell lot easy to carry out further..


now draw two squares on both the side of his head. and draw two lines intersecting the skull in the middle.


now give those two lines the look of swords. and the boxes we drew in the last step. well draw a middle line for the box. then draw two lines intersecting at the top of that middle line, as shown in the figure. follow d same with the other box.


now draw a pointed arrow outward from that box.


draw three more likewise arrows on the shrunken base. draw an opening for his mouth.


draw out his teeth. n the end of his bandanna.


some more details..


erase the guidelines and we're done with him..

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May 30, 2010

Description: hey there folks.. today I'm gonna submit a tutorial on how to draw a ninja skull. it was done a long time ago, but due to a whole bunch of assignments I wasn't able to submit it.. anyways here it is.. enjoy. have fun. keep drawing.. and keep smiling :)

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