How to Draw a Joker Skull

Artist: AnArmA / June 11, 2010

Step 1.

starting with the basic face shape. draw a vertical line that would divide it in half. n just a little down from the top, draw a horizontal line to mark where his eyes are going to be.

Step 2.

draw both of his eyes. these must be elongated. keep in mind that both of these eyes are tilted at an angle. for the nose, we'll just draw his nostrils. if you are having trouble with his nostrils, try to draw a box, divide it in half, n then work it   

Step 3.

well it's the fun part. we have to shape his face. use your imagination, n make him as ugly or good looking as you want.. totally up to you. just try to make his jaw bone n cheek lines noticeable.

Step 4.

well here come d lips part. joker is always smiling n so will b ours.. make a simple upward curve for a smile, n draw lips around it.

Step 5.

here we'll draw his clown hat. the left tendril is coming out from a little side of the hat.

Step 6.

draw d cards in his hat..

Step 7.

erase all the guide lines. it's looking nice.. ain't it??

Step 8.

well we're about to be done. just detail the cards. make some crack shapes at the starting of the left tendril. and we're finished..

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Artist: AnArmA
Date Added: June 11, 2010
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Tags: draw skulls, how to draw skulls, draw a joker, draw jokers, how to draw a jester, draw a jester, draw joker
Description: hey there fellas.. we'll draw together a joker skull today.. it's going to be fun. I've rendered the final image with charcoal.. you can use any medium to render yours.. have fun.. keep drawing n keep smiling..