How to Draw Pirates of the Caribbean


This tutorial is going to teach you how to draw the skull of Jack Sparrow. Start by making a circle for the head, and then add a guideline on the lower portion of the skull like you see here.


Using the shape that you drew in step one, and sketch out the shape of the actual skull like you see here. This should include the cheek bones, and the upper jaw structure.


Here you will now sketch out the eye sockets as well as the nose hole you see here. When that is done you can color all three shapes in, and then move to step four.


Now you will be drawing out the bandanna that is wrapped or tied around the skull's head like so, and then be sure to add some fold lines on the side of the skull to the right.


All you have to do here is sketch in the detailing for the skull on the cheeks, and around the eyes like so. When that is done begin drawing in the tooth dents on the upper jaw like so. By doing this you are preparing the upper jaw for the teeth.


As you can see your drawing is almost done. What you have to do here is draw out the bottom jaw which consists of the jaw line, and chin. When that is done you can then draw in the teeth and as you can see some of them are also missing and they are o   


To give the bandanna it's texture all you need to do is draw in some crease, wrinkle, and small fold lines on the sides of the skull, and on the forehead. When that is done, draw the two small braids which also have some pretty cool beads on them. Th   


The last thing you will do here is sketch out some hair on the right side, and then draw another bead filled braid that has a charm like bead at the end of the braid. When you are done with this step you can begin erasing the lines and shapes that yo   


Here is what your drawing looks like when you are all done. Now you can color it in, and be on your way. I hope you liked this drawing tutorial on how to draw Pirates of the Caribbean, step by step.

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March 9, 2011

Description: How many people here are fans of Captain Jack Sparrow? Well if you are than there is good news to you folks that didn't know, but there is a new movie coming out this year that is going to be part four to the saga. Today, I wanted to do something cool that would make fans of this movie scream. You are going to learn "how to draw Pirates of the Caribbean", step by step in the form of Captain Jack Sparrow's skull. I used a poster image from the internet as my reference and it's the same poster that is going to be used for marketing the new movie. Jack Sparrow returns along with Barbossa, Penelope Cruz is coming on board as the beautiful Angelica. The new movie of Pirates of the Caribbean is about Jack and Barbossa going on an adventurous quest to find the fountain of youth. The quest is not going to be easy because the fountain of youth is not going to be easy to find. Not only that, but there is two other individuals that is going after the fountain of youth, and that's Blackbeard, and his daughter Angelica. Now you know that their not going to make a film with both Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz in it and they won't be the ones getting together. In the movie Jack and Angelica get acquainted and she is soon Jack's love interest. Anyways the drawing came out awesome and if you guys love skulls, than you will have a really fun time learning "how to draw Pirates of the Caribbean" too. Thanks guys and remember to enjoy your drawing day! Also, keep your eyes open for the release of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

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