How to Draw a Tribal Skull

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First draw a circle for the head shape and then draw in the facial guidelines.


Here you will use the round circle that you drew in step one to start sketching out the actual structure of the tribal skull you are about to draw. As you can see there is a few angles to the skull shape and the cheeks are a bit squared.


Now you will start drawing out the shapes of the skulls eyes which are frowned in a mean snaring way. When the brows are drawn in you can color the shapes of the widened eyes.


Draw the top half of the jaw and be sure to draw in the grooves for each tooth that you will draw drawing in. Make a triangular shape for the nose hole and color it in as well for that hollow look. Add some detailing lines that will help to define th   


Now you are ready to draw out the rest of the skulls face by making the top row of teeth, as well as the bottom teeth and jaw. When that is all set you can proceed onto the next step but you should first start erasing the lines and shapes that you dr   


Well guys here it is, the last drawing step. You can choose to draw out the tribal flame pattern you see here, or go with something that is your own creation. Once you have decided on what you want to use for a tribal design, color in the markings an   


Here is your finished drawing. Now you can color it in to your liking, or leave it as a black and white drawing. I do hope you liked this revamped version of how to draw a tribal skull.

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August 27, 2009

Description: This tribal skull design is a revamped drawing that was originally submitted by Medxx. She did an awesome job recreating a reference picture she found online but I thought I would draw something better that you can all enjoy with a cutting edge. When draw skulls in a tribal art pattern you have to make sure that you create something that is going to be original, and captivating. Unfortunately the image that medxx used as a reference wasn't too captivating, it was sort of plain and tribal lines weren’t drawn in a unique manner. As for this tribal skull I so believe that you will enjoy learning how to make an awesome piece of art that would not only look good on paper, but it would also make a killer tattoo as well. I have submitted plenty of skull designs on Dragoart, but I do have to say that this drawing is one of my favorite. If you love drawing skulls with tribal markings, than you will really have a blast with this lesson. Enjoy everyone and be sure to check out more of the skull art and tutorials posted on the site.

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