How to Draw a Dragon Slayer

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Start this first step by drawing out the guidelines and shapes to form a mannequin like frame for both the dragon and the dragon slayer. You will do this by drawing out the circles for both the dragon and the slayer's head. Add the facial guidelines    


Start sketching out the dragons body lines as you see here and because the dragon is so massive looking, you will have to make sure that you draw out the lines with muscle definition to them. Once the front leg lining is drawn out you can start worki   


Okay, in this step you will sketch out the curved in lines for the wings like the dragon is closing in on the slayer. Sketch in more detail on the dragons legs and then draw out the clawed feet. Sketch out the frills on the sides of the dragons face    


Now that you are almost done with this dragon sketch, you will sketch out, draw and finish off the dragons wings as you see them here. I didn't want to draw out the whole wing because I wanted some visual intensity, so I drew the wings cut off on the   


You will sketch in wing detailing so that the dragons wing tissue looks like it is stretched. Once that is done you will draw out the rest of the frilled spikes on the back and on the sides of his face. Draw out the tail and then sketch in some minor   


This is your last drawing step. What I want you to do now is sketch in the rest of the definition inside of the dragons mouth. Now that you have done that, you can detail the horned frills on the top of his head and then draw out the dragon slayers s   


This is what your line art should look like when you are done drawing out and cleaning up your dragon and dragon slayer drawing. All you have to do now is color them both in and you have yourself a finished lesson on how to draw a dragon slayer step    

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January 25, 2017

Description: I was working so hard today on a really rockin tutorial on something that I think you will all enjoy. This is by far the best dragon tutorial I have every sketched out and drew. Everyone was asking me for a lesson on a knight fighting a dragon. So after careful consideration and precise drawing, I have decided to fill all requests that asked me to teach them how to draw a dragon slayer step by step. Drawing out these two characters was an exciting challenge for me because I wanted the slayer to look barbaric and civilized at the same time. Making the size of the dragon slayer was so important to get right because it had to show how big the dragon was compared to the slayer. The total sketch took me six hours which was mainly because I had drawn several different dragons standing in different positions, giving off different vibes and views. When I drew the last sketch, I knew that was the one I was going to stick with. I showed my parents the sketch and they were like “wow, that is awesome”. My parents are my best critics, if they don't like the way something looks, I know it needs to be changed. They point out mistakes like uneven eyes, messed up limbs, and anything else I may overlook because I get so into the drawings I draw. Sketching on a tablet is so different from sketching on paper. When I sketch on paper, it is easier for me to spot the mistakes because the drawing is being done eye to paper, and pencil. On a tablet, I have to position my wrist and hand differently just to make lines even and curves arched. When drawing dragons, it gets complicated because there is so much detail involved. For the most part, I do get things done right without a quick look over from my parents, I get better at drawing everyday and because I draw everyday, I brush up on everything that I need work on. Drawing this dragon slayer was something I wanted to do for a long time now. All I had to do was find the time and energy it took to go into such a drawing. I hope you guys will like learning how to draw a dragon slayer step by step. All the instructions and lines are laid out for you so that you will have little trouble figuring out where what lines go to what and how. I will be back again so stay tuned for more upcoming lessons on the way. Peace out and have fun.

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