How to Draw a Chinese Dragon Tattoo

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This is going to be a bit complex for me to explain how to draw because it is so incredibly detailed. You will first draw a circle for the yin yang and then simply draw a long line for the slithering body of the Chinese dragon. Once that line is draw   


Next start sketching out the face of the Chinese dragon starting with the snout and jaw and then with the long full looking hair. Draw the horns and then some other facial detailing.


You will now start sketching out the shape of the long body and then take your time sketching out the soft looking hair that goes down the middle of the Chinese dragons body. Once you have done this you can sketch out the hind legs and clawed feet as   


Already on step four and what you will do here is begin sketching out the mustache and whiskers for your Chinese dragon head. Next Draw out the shapes of the flames that surround the yin yang and then add more detailing and definition to the face and   


This is your last drawing step and what you will do now is first erase the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one. Once that is complete you will draw each scale all over the Chinese dragon's body. This may take you some time to complete, bu   


Once you are done, this is what your tattoo should look like when you are done with your sketch. Color it in and you have just learned "how to draw a Chinese dragon tattoo" step by step.

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June 19, 2009

Description: Everybody loves dragons and dragons love everybody. I am submitting yet another dragon tutorial that will show you “how to draw a Chinese dragon tattoo“ step by step. After careful consideration I eventually came up with the wonderful drawing that you are about to be subjected to. I drew this Chinese dragon live with you all and it was originally supposed to be done for somebody that wanted to buy the design off me. As you can see I finished the artwork and now I will show you how to draw what I thought up from my imagination. To me, the Chinese dragon tattoo that I drew two days ago is probably the "best" dragon I have ever drawn. I mean that literally too. The scales, body, limbs, everything is so clean and soft looking making it a true gem for any need. Whether it be a poster, a tattoo, or maybe even art for next years school book covers. Whatever you can think up it most likely can be done. Anyways, if you were watching me the other day you already know that it took me a long while to finish the drawing I am about to submit. I did place it under the tattoo category and it is labeled for advanced artists, but anybody can give it a go. I will leave you once again with this tutorial on “how to draw a Chinese dragon tattoo” step by step. Peace out and have fun.

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