How to Draw a Union Soldier Fighting a Confederate Soldier


Start with drawing two circle shapes for the torso or bodies of these soldiers. Next draw two smaller circles for their head and then add the facial guidelines. Next draw the slanted vertical lines for the guidelines of the guns, and then draw out th   


You will now start sketching in their facial expressions and feature. Start with a horizontal line for their hats and then draw out the eyes, eyebrows, noses, mouths, teeth, chins, and facial hair. Move to the next drawing step.


Since these two men are supposed to be fierce and mean, you have to convey that through your art. Draw out the rest of their hat shapes and add some light detailing. You will then draw out their ears, and then add more facial hair on the soldier to t   


Now that your faces are drawn out you will start drawing out the weapons. Draw the shafts and barrels of the two riffles and then start sketching out their shirts or uniforms. Shade in some detail on the soldiers face to the right and then draw out t   


You will begin sketching out their arms and the rest of the rifle's shape. Once that is done start sketching in detailing and definition to the Union and the Confederate soldiers as you see here. You will also need to draw out their hands as well as    


You are almost done with this tutorial and I know if you made it this far you are doing just great. What you will do now is sketch out their coats and then add the buttons and the button holes. Draw out the pouch for the rebel and then add more defin   


This is your last drawing step and what I want you all to do now is finish off the lining to complete the drawing of their uniforms. Finish off the pants and coat for the Union soldier and then the jacket and pants for the confederate soldier. Erase    


This is what your finished sketch of the two Civil War soldiers should look like when you are done drawing them out. All you have to do now is color them in. You have just learned how to draw a union soldier fighting a confederate soldier step by ste   

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April 22, 2009

Description: Now that you guys have lessons on how to draw a fireman, and a BMX bike, it is time to fill a request that was made when I drew the sketch on the patriot that I also submitted as a lesson. Some asked me to do a tutorial on a Union soldier fighting a Confederate soldier and to tell you the truth that was an awesome request. I told my dad about it and he suggested that I also do the tutorial since it will not only give you guys a mental image of the two soldiers, but it will also give you an educational description on the two. So, having spewing all the good information on the decision of this tutorial, I will now be teaching you how to draw a Union soldier fighting a Confederate soldier step by step. Let me start talking about the Union solider first since he is the one that is a bit more interesting. Union soldiers were young men that enlisted in the Civil War. Now, most of these young men were obviously poor working on farms and caring for their families. Men that did not enlist in the war were usually drafted. Though these men that voluntarily chose to fight the war, they didn't know that it would be a war that lasted longer than just a few months. After the war had ended, they came out changed men for the rest of their lives. Men that were wealthy or had extra money to spare could pay a fee of three hundred dollars to be given pardon from fighting. The uniform of a Union soldier was made of dark blue wool material. They wore a cotton shirt under the heavy threaded coat that was usually given to them by family members or picked up from the expired bodies that lay on the battlefields. There is a smart reason why these men had to wear these uniforms even though they were extremely uncomfortable. Wool was a fabric that could resist water from lakes and rivers, and keep the men dry from pouring rain. The uniforms also kept them warm and they were very quite durable giving them a sense of extra padding from gun shots and knife wounds. Unlike the confederate soldiers, Union soldiers were equipped with better weapons by the British called “Enfield rifles”. They provided precise aim when fired on the battlefield. Along with their uniforms they also carried some supplies as they needed common necessities while on their travels. They kept a knapsack, blanket, a small tent, canteen, frying pan, and a grooming kit that had a comb, razor, and body perfumes to keep them from smelling. Now that we have some basic information on the Union soldier, let me start talking about the Confederate soldier. Unlike Union soldiers, the confederates were scruffy, dirty looking men that had a lot of heart and they were very strong physically and mentally. Like Union soldiers, confederates were also in their early twenties and they were called “the rebels”. Although Union soldiers had a clean cut looking image, the rebels were almost always dirty, tainted, and very tired looking. They too wore wool uniforms but they were not neat and clean looking. Instead they wore gray uniforms that looked more like rags rather than a soldier uniform. The reason why their clothes looked so bad is because they were worn too long or they were handed down to new recruits from the dead bodies that were slain in battle. Now, because these men didn't take their clothes for granted, they even nailed horseshoes to the bottom of their boots so that the soles would last longer and provide a bit more traction on muddy or wet ground. Confederates didn't have the luxury of carrying and using a good firing weapon. Instead they had to settle for a flint lock riffle or musket called a “Confederate Springfield”. The war lasted more than anyone could have imagined and because of that more an more men died. The more union soldiers were killed by the rebels, the more their weapons were confiscated by the rebels. More and more rebels began using Enfield rifles making future battles more challenging. All in all both the Union and the Confederate soldier fought for what they believed in, or fought because they were told to. This tutorial will teach you how to draw a Union soldier fighting a Confederate soldier step by step. I hope you have fun and remember, knowledge is power, feed your mind.

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