How to Draw a Dragon Face

Artist: Dawn / May 19, 2009

Step 1.

For this first step I give you some pointers on the "dos and don'ts" to drawing very strong fierce looking dragon teeth. All you have to do is enlarge the step and read what I have written for you in the text on the image.

Step 2.

For the first step you will draw guidelines for all the images that you will be learning how to draw today. For the head all you have to do is draw a head shape and then add the facial guidelines. Next draw and color in all four of the different type   

Step 3.

As you can see you will start sketching in the facial features for the dragons face starting with the brow lines. Next draw out the shape or lining for the nose and then a happy smile line for the mouth. As for the nostrils, all you have to do is dra   

Step 4.

Draw the shape of the dragon head and then sketch out the dragons eyes that is part of the dragon face front view. Add the crease or wrinkle lines on the nose and then draw out the lines to make the mouth open like he is roaring. You will now move do   

Step 5.

In this step you are closer to being done with your drawing. All you have to do is sketch out the shape of the face and then sketch the teeth, canines, and tongue to finish off the dragon face. You will finish the dragon mouth by drawing the fangs, a   

Step 6.

Here you will finish off the dragon head by sketching out the frills that is expanded around the the sides of the face. Sketch out t he back teeth and then color in the void dragon eye. Add some shading on the slit dragon eyes and then sketch out the   

Step 7.

Before looking at your finished dragon face, you will color inside of the dragons mouth and then add detailing to the frills.

Step 8.

This is what your multiple sketches of dragon faces, noses, eyes, mouths and fangs should look like when you are done. I hope you liked learning "how to draw a dragon face step by step" or you can say that this tutorial is on "how to draw a dragon he   

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: I have decided that I need to do another lesson that has something to do with dragons. So what I did was, come up with an idea that will help artists learn “how to draw a dragon face” step by step. For a long time, drawing dragon faces has been a really hard thing for me to accomplish. In this tutorial not only will you learn “how to draw dragon faces”, you will also learn “how to draw dragon eyes”, dragon teeth, dragon noses, a dragon's mouth including the fangs and canine teeth. I did such an awesome job with this tutorial that I really want to hurry up and submit this lesson because I know a lot of you members out there will benefit from this lesson. Drawing dragon eyes is another problem area for some people too because it is hard to distinguish what type of eye to draw (a void eye or slit pupil eye), and how far apart or big the dragon eyes should be. Drawing dragon fangs can also be difficult to do because you have to make sure they come out even and powerful looking. All in all this tutorial will show you all the ins and outs to learn “how to draw a dragon face step by step” properly and evenly. I hope you guys like this tutorial, I will be back with some more lessons that are out of this world. Peace out!