How to Draw a Dragon Step by Step

Artist: Dawn / June 7, 2009

Step 1.

As with all the dragon lessons, you will start this first step learning how to draw the dragons body frame to come out looking like the one you see here. First draw the head, torso, and hind leg shapes and then draw the connecting body limbs for the    

Step 2.

Okay lets move onto this step on how to draw the dragon head, neck and arms. start sketching out the lining for the the dragons snout, and the shape of the head. You have to draw the spikes that are incorporated with the head and these spikes are cal   

Step 3.

Now in this step you will finish sketching out the dragons face which includes the dragon nose, mouth, and chin frills. Next finish sketching the the cheeks and then start sketching out the bold scaled on the dragons chest all the way to the front of   

Step 4.

Start sketching out the shapes of the side of the dragons body which also includes the arms and muscle definition. Start sketching out the wings beginning with the winged arms. Now start sketching out the wing fingers and then detail the wing tissue.

Step 5.

Okay it is time to start sketching out the stomach and hind leg of the dragon that you are learning how to draw. When drawing out the hind leg you will also need to add muscle definition and sketch out the rest of the winged arms. Sketch in detailing   

Step 6.

Here in this step you will finish drawing out much of the dragons body like the neck frills, the under belly, the inside hind leg and foot, tail and wings. Start by sketching out the webbed looking dragon frills on the back of the dragons neck, and t   

Step 7.

You will sketch in all the detailing creasing in the dragon wings as you see here and then detail the tip of the tail.

Step 8.

This is your last drawing step and all you have to do is sketch out the scales all over the dragons body which may take some time. Once that is done you will add last minute detailing on the chest. Don't forget to add detailing to the feet and toes.    

Step 9.

Once you are done your dragon should look like the one you see here. I know the battle was fierce but look what you have accomplished. An awesome looking dragon. I hope you guys learned something new with this lesson on "how to draw a dragon step by    

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Another dragon here for the books and this time it is really going to be fun because of the style and texture of the dragon body. The scales were a blast to draw because they are laid out in a very textured form making the dragon body look really detailed and defined. Sketching out this dragon took me three hours because I wanted it to come out looking portioned and very detailed. Although the overall creation of the dragon took so long to draw, it was the scales that became such a time consuming task. The reason being is because each scale was hand drawn and there is scales all over the dragon’s body including the dragon head. I love the way the chest and belly scales pop out in a very broad, bold way making this red dragon look fierce and in control. I have written so many tutorials out on so many different dragons. A lot of hard work went into this dragon drawing and I really am excited to share with all of you this tutorial on “how to draw a dragon step by step”. The dragon is in the advanced section because it does take time to sketch out and draw the whole package from head to tail. If you would like to color in the dragon a different shade, than go right a head and do so. I still have to upload more lessons, and the day is still young so check back in a bit to see what’s new. Have fun and happy dragon drawing.