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How to Draw a Tattoo Dragon

Artist: Dawn / March 6, 2010
How to Draw a Tattoo Dragon

Step 1.

Start with a small circle for the head of the dragon and then draw the beak like shape for the snout of the beast. Next draw a long swirl line that will make up the neck, and the wing.

Step 2.

Here in this second step, take your time as you draw out the shape of the dragons snout or nose. The brow of is incorporated with the lining as you see here and you will also need to draw out the chin, and some of the teeth.

Step 3.

Sketch out the void looking eye, and then add all the teeth within the mouth as you see here. When that is done you can draw the tissue that is attached to the jaw, and then draw the tongue. See how easy this lesson is so far!

Step 4.

Here you will finish sketching out the dragons head which is almost covered in frilled horns along the edge of the jaw and on top of the bridge of the nose. Draw the ears, and then add some minor detailing like the nostril hole, and inner ear tissue.

Step 5.

Draw the scaly underside of the dragons neck as you see here. To make this part easier I drew each scale larger then usual. When that is done you can draw the beginning shape of the wing.

Step 6.

For your last drawing step all you need to do is draw a sharp looking dragon wing that almost looks like a tribal pattern. When you're done, start erasing all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one.

Step 7.

This is how your tattoo dragon looks when you're done. Color in your drawing and you have completely finished this tutorial hassle free. See how great you did? Awesome!

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: March 6, 2010
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Description: I just can't help myself when it comes to drawing fantastic tattoo art. I'm going to make this tutorial description short because there really isn't a whole lot I can say anymore when it comes to dragons, or dragon tattoo art. The main reason for this drawing choice is because I was looking at the other tattoos of dragons that I had, and some of them seemed a bit too hard for a novice artist. This lesson should send all you beginning drawers on your way to creating a cool looking design, and you should do it very easily. Remember, some of the drawings I submit may look difficult on the front page, but as soon as you get a look at the lesson, it really isn't that hard to follow. It's actually the coloring that I do to the finished line art, that makes the submitted art look complicated if you attempted to try and draw it. My best advice to all of you that have an interest in drawing but you are a beginner, is to try whatever catches your eye. You never know how your drawing may turn out. Give it a go, and if you don't like the results, try something different that is more on your level. Have fun learning "how to draw a tattoo dragon", I'm sure you will be surprised at the end results. I have to flee out of here for now but no worries because I will be back shortly. Peace people!