How to Draw a Crow for Kids

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Make a regular shaped circle like so, and then draw in the crow's face guide.


Next, draw out the the entire outline of the body starting with the head first. Use the circle you drew in step one as your base guide. Draw in the beak, and then a two toed foot. Add some detailing on the beak.


Next up, draw in the unpleasant expression on the birds face by drawing out the eyes. Make the slits for the eyeballs and move along to step four.


For the last step, draw make the other foot, and then draw out a wing line and add some feather lines. Erase the guides and mistakes too.


This is the line art when you're done, now color in your drawing so you can tackle something else. Thanks guys!

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September 29, 2011

Description: Yup, there is all sorts of animals that can be conjured up and drawn if you really put your head together. Today I have a special lesson because it was requested by a few members as well as my sister. You will be getting a tutorial on "how to draw a crow for kids", step by step. It’s weird because after I drew this bird yesterday, all I kept seeing everywhere was crows. They were in the streets, in the trees on the highways and byways as well as being in the sky scavenging throughout the night and day. This is a very simple bird to draw and if you’re looking for a simple tutorial, this is probably going to fall right there with the top fifty. Have fun drawing a crow for kids guys and if you want a lesson on a regular raven or crow, just check out the birds section under the 'Animals’ category. Have fun and remember to keep on drawing because creativity is great for the mind. Peace out and enjoy the drawing day!

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