How to Draw a Mustang for Kids

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Draw a medium sized shape for the head, and then draw in a neck line for the body.


Draw out the shape of the horses face and head and then draw in the ears and mane. When you draw the mane make sure you do it in a flat but messy manner.


Draw in more of the mane which is blowing in the wind to the left, and then draw the eyes, thick lids and lashes and then draw the back of the head and neck.


Draw the front legs and hooves, and then draw the chest and belly.


Now you can draw in the back legs and tail like so, and then add some strand lining on the tail. Make the hooves and erase the mistakes.


Here is the lines or line art when you are done. I think you did a great job, and now it's time to show everyone what you have just created. Color in your mustang and call it a wrap.

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October 2, 2011

Description: Some of you just may go nuts over this next submission. An idea came by me to make a tutorial on "how to draw a mustang for kids", step by step, and I all of a sudden went into a creative mode. I automatically thought of Black Beauty when the word mustang came to mind. I decided to draw this horse in a neat ‘for kids’ fashion. Instead of making a horse on all fours, I decided that kids and novice artist would appreciate a tutorial on a horse in a majestic stance. The end result came out completely epic and I love this drawing with a passion. So for all intents and purposes, I think I accomplished my feat for making a lesson on drawing a mustang for kids. I will meet you all back here soon, so try and stay with me for just a bit longer. Adios people, and thanks!

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