How to Draw a Hawk for Kids

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Start with a circle for the head and then add facial guidelines like so. You will then draw a body or neck line.


Draw out the hawk's head like so and then draw in the very straight or sharp lined eyes and make the eyeballs. Draw out the arched beak, and then make some of the neck like so.


Now you can draw in the round body like so, and then draw the bird thighs where the legs will be drawn in next.


Yes, you are on the last step. Simply draw out the arches for the wings of the hawk, and then draw out the fat two toed feet and or legs. Clean up the drawing and let's see how it looks.


Look how great you guys did. Now you can enjoy the task of coloring in this hawk to perfection. I'm glad you loved this tutorial on how to draw a hawk for kids.

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September 30, 2011

Description: Are you guys enjoying zombie Bowser? I hope so; a lot of hard work went into that drawing and tutorial layout. We are going to take things down a notch with the rest of the lessons. Here is a cute tutorial on "how to draw a hawk for kids", step by step. Hawks are BEAUTIFUL birds and animals and believe it or not but, they are one of my favorite bird species ever. I wanted to give this hawk a real sly look so his expression is bold and endearing. I love the way it came out and if you love hawks like I do, I know you will have a blast with this tutorial. Have fun folks and remember that birds are nature’s gift of revealing how beautiful the world can be. When you see a bird soaring through the skies, all you feel is a heightened sense of freedom for that animal. Have fun drawing a hawk for kids guys and enjoy the rest of your drawing day!

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