How to Draw a Train for Kids

Artist: Dawn / October 2, 2011

Step 1.

Make two straight guide lines, one vertical at the right side of the paper, and another line in a horizontal point.

Step 2.

Here you will begin drawing out the steam stout like the way you see it drawn here.

Step 3.

Continue to draw out the top part of the train like so, and then add some trim on the sides, and a rimmed lip at the top of the train's body. Draw the steam pipe and cap, and move to step four.

Step 4.

Draw in more of the body, and then draw out the train wheel like so. Draw in the bar that moves up and down as the wheel turns, and then add some body detailing like so.

Step 5.

continue to draw out the body of the train, and then draw in another steam tube like so. Add two more wheels, and proceed onto step six.

Step 6.

For the last drawing step, draw in the track liner, and then add that bump for the light. Sketch in detailing and you are ready to clean up the drawing.

Step 7.

This is how the train looks when you are all done. Color in your new train ans show folks what you have done.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: October 2, 2011
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Description: I guess I’m done with the zombies for the day, now I will shift you all away from the mildly complex lessons and move you over to two fun and easy submissions that I think you will all love. Here is "how to draw a train for kids", step by step. I figured all that was missing in the ‘for kids’ section was a train. I already made a car, truck, helicopter, and tank and they are all very cool looking. At first I doubted my ability to make a train in a very simple manner. I find that sometimes drawing hard objects is a whole lot easier than making easy one. I think it’s because I have to actually think of a way to break down a person, place, or thing in a very easy form. Taking away all the detailing and definition can be hard to turn it into a simplified version. I think I did a good job because it actually looks like a caboose that kids would want to draw. Now that I explained what you will be learning, how about you actually get started on drawing a train for kids. I will return with some more drawing fun so since it’s still early I guess you can stick around a little while longer. Peace people and good luck on your artistic adventure.