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How to draw Rarity in a chibi version

Artist: sparkle321 / June 21, 2012
How to draw Rarity in a chibi version

Step 1.

Draw a simple circle to start it off.

Step 2.

Draw the head pointing to the left and then draw the neck including 1/4 of the shoulder.

Step 3.

Draw the top part of the dress.

Step 4.

Draw the arm inducing the hand.

Step 5.

Now start drawing the chest part of the dress.

Step 6.

Draw the bottom part of the dress

Step 7.

Draw the legs and the shoes. P.S. sorry about the shadow.

Step 8.

Draw the hair.

Step 9.

Draw the eyes, mouth, and nose.

Step 10.

Last but not the least out line it (if you want to)then color it.

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Artist: sparkle321
Date Added: June 21, 2012
Steps: 10
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Tags: draw chibis, draw people
Description: This is how the final drawing looks like.