How to Draw a Chibi Model

Artist: NeonFire / March 31, 2012

Step 1.

Like most tuts, we have to start out with basic guidelines! Don't get confuzzled by the diagonal line on the head guide. It'll come into play in just a moment...

Step 2.

Now we'll draw the basic shape of the face. It might take you a couple times to get it right, but if you use your guide lines, It'll be quick.

Step 3.

It took me a little while to determine what to do first, but in the end, I chose the hair. Right now just replicate the three lines I drew to the best of your ability. If it isn't exact, don't worry.

Step 4.

Continue drawing the hair. A tip would be to use several light, sketchy lines to make the hair lines, not one, dark one. This will help if you make a mistake.

Step 5.

Now lets finish up the hair. You might notice that we're also starting the arm on the right.

Step 6.

Now we'll define her neck and draw the left arm. Not too dificult, right?

Step 7.

So that she's not just a floating head with shoulders and handless arms, let's draw her torso and thumbs. Keep in mind that models are relatively thin and curvy, so don't use straight lines!

Step 8.

Now let's finish the hands. My apologies iff they look wierd. After all, hands are a definate weak point of mine.

Step 9.

Now we'll draw her skirt/dress and begin her face.

Step 10.

Okay, now let's make sure she knows where she's going and give her some eyes, and let's draw the bottom of her skirt.

Step 11.

Now this step is totally up to you. Give her whatever outfit you want, and don't be afraid to experiment with style! Just be sure to include eyebrows and shoes.

Step 12.

All that's left to do is to erase your guide lines and then color! Yours turned out fabulicious!!!

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Description: Well, I wanted to do a tut that people actually need and use, so I looked on Google Images for a model pic and got to work. Uh, I suppose there's not too much to say besides tht, so I hope you have fun learning "How to Draw a Chibi Model" step by step. Please rate comment, favorite, and post the results!