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How to Create Your Own Op Design

Artist: NeonFire / March 25, 2012
How to Create Your Own Op Design

Step 1.

Start by drawing three geometric shapes.(Geometric shapes are shapes that have certain requierments, ex. a rectangle) I chose a circle, a triangle, and a rectangle, but you can do whatever you want. I chose Geometric shapes because once we get to col   

Step 2.

Draw five more shapes to connect the first shapes. As long as they're geometric, there are no rules.

Step 3.

This might look overwhelming at first, but don't worry. All you have to do is add about 8 to 10 more shapes that all overlap with something.

Step 4.

Locate your empty space. (The emty space on mine is shown in blue) The empty space is where there are no shapes or overlaps.

Step 5.

Any area that touches the empty space has to be filled in with black. This doesn't count overlaps. Those areas should remain white.

Step 6.

Now you may notice that it doesn't look quite right. This is because some areas are surrounded by white spaces. I placed a red dot in each area like that on mine.

Step 7.

Well, you probably guessed it! Now we'll fill those areas in. Remember to keep a steady hand so that the areas you want to keep white stay like that.

Step 8.

Now please allow me to point out some mistakes that you might make. I've made these mistakes, so you have a primary source. The blue arrow is pointing at two black areas next to each other. The red arrow is pointing to a white area that's touching th   

Step 9.

This is completely optional. If you want, you can color in the white areas and the empty areas. My reccomendation would be to use a medium color for theempty area and a bright color (highlighters) for the white areas. Once you're satisfied, you're do   

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Artist: NeonFire
Date Added: March 25, 2012
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Description: I think this original tut will have you all thinking. In art, my class has been doing a lot of non-objective (abstract) works. I LOVE abstract design, so I started experimenting with my own Op Art. Afterr a few days, I came across a really cool design type that has literally infinate possibilities. This type of Op Design is super easy to make and experiment with, and turns out looking really cool. I usually use a pen to make these, but pencils work too. I was going to make this tut longer, but I decided not to. I hope you have fun learning how to make an op design with this tut. Please rate, comment, and post the finished design! Happy drawing!