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How to Color Eyes in Gimp

Artist: NeonFire / March 23, 2012
How to Color Eyes in Gimp

Step 1.

So let's say you start out with a fully colored character. It doesn't have to be colored, that's just how I made mine. Make sure the lineart of the eyes is how you want it, then proceed.

Step 2.

Use the fill tool to fill in your pupil and iris. The pupil shouldd probably be black, and the iris shouldn't be a neutral(gray, black, or white). To choose your iris color, use the color palet. (Those two boxes below the tool menu but above the sele   

Step 3.

use the fuzzy select tool.(i circled it. it looks like a magic wand with a spark at the top.) and select one of the irises.

Step 4.

Okay, let's forget about your picture for a sec. go to the airbrush tool and choose a larger circle brush. (Circle (15) or Circle (17) should do the trick.) then lower the opacity slightly ( i lowered mine to 90.0). If you want, make the brush a litt   

Step 5.

Okay, now take the airbrush and go back and forth in quick strokes. If you'll notice, the dark color seems to be thinner at the bottom that at the top. This is because I went back and forth several times at the top and worked my way down, reducing th   

Step 6.

Now find the smudge tool. It looks like a hand holding out its pointer finger. take the smudger and blend the dark color and the iris color using quick, downward strokes. If it looks like there are streaks, use a larger brush and retry your smudge.

Step 7.

Repeat steps 3-6 on the other iris and both of your eyes should look very similar.

Step 8.

Use different sized erasers to add some light glares. Keep in mind that light glares mainly originate in the pupils and are circle or oval shaped.

Step 9.

If you feel that those circular light glares aren't enough, then this might suit you. Use the fuzzy select tool to select the dark part of an iris, then select the burn tool and resize the brush depending on how large you want this glare to be. Simpl   

Step 10.

Then, you're done! either move on to color your entire character, or if that's done, post it! I know my little dude came out pretty creepy ( XD ), but Im sure yours turned out better. To learn how to draw an anime eye, go to my profile and check out    

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Artist: NeonFire
Date Added: March 23, 2012
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Description: This is a tut that was fun to make and will be very helpful to all you gimp users out there. I used a simple character so that the main focus is are the eyes. If you're doing a complicated character, you may want to use the zoom tool, and then proceed. Today I'll break down How to Color Eyes in Gimp so that your drawings will have a little more character.