How to Draw a Chibi Easy


Chibis usually range from 2 to 4 heads tall depending on how deformed yo u want to make them. For this chibi, we'll make her two heads tall. Draw two circles, the top circle will have the head of our chibi and the bottom circle will hold the rest of   


Add the lines for the face and the facial features. Make sure to keep the drawing simple, chibis don't have many details and everything tend to be really rounded.


Add the lines for the hair, following the curve of the circle.


Sketch in the piggy tails.


Sketch in the lines for the top half of her outfit, making sure the folds in the clothing follow the curves of the torso.


Chibi hands are really small and the fingers are short. Sketch in the lines for the hands.


Sketch the skirt in, and then add the vertical lines, making sure to have the lines bend where the skirt bends.


Lastly, we'll add the legs. They end in stubs with small shoes. Remember that chibis are oversimplified so the shoes are simply two small caps at the end of the feet.


Erase your guidelines and now you have a finished line art. Color your line art with whatever colors you'd like, you've now drawn a chibi school girl.

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January 19, 2013

Description: Chibi, also known as super-deformed characters, have large heads and small tube like bodies with few details. In this tutorial, I'll teach you how to draw a chibi school girl.

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