how to draw a chibish girl

Artist: Gummi / January 6, 2013

Step 1.

First, draw a circle. Make a slightly curved line pretty much across the middle, and draw two lines below it, and one line above; it'll act as a guide basically to where the center of the eyes should be (I don't always completely follow it xD). Make    

Step 2.

Now add the lashes, and iris'. The lashes should be just in between the lines you made, or just touching them. Draw the mouth so the bottom is in line with the chin. The nose should just be a small line, or a dot. The nose usually doesn't stand out m   

Step 3.

Add the Hair! (er.. some of the hair. xD lol) I generally like to have a little bit of hair infront of the ear. The top of the ear should connect to the head around about the center of the eye, and in this case, just above the top of the mouth.

Step 4.

since girls generally have an hourglassy type of figure, I drew her as an hourglass. xD This'll just give the general shape. The shoulders should be as wide as the hips usually.

Step 5.

Add the arms and the legs! I mean, what would she do without them..? O.o :P The elbow usually goes 3/4 down the torso.

Step 6.

Add the hands and the feet! I went and fixed some stuff I wasn't happy with in this pic. like the size of the arms, and I defined the legs more. I also gave her a top.. xD lol

Step 7.

Give`her some clothes. Make them whatever you'd like! I wasn't very creative with that... >.< if you draw a line down the middle of her neck, that should help you with getting the clothes centered.

Step 8.

yay! finish the hair! :3 (I love drawing hair! :P) I like to make the hair pointy, but you can draw the hair however you like hair (obviously xD).

Step 9.

Do the inside of the eyes! :D I like to draw one big bubble, a small bubble, and a triangle glare. if you don't like them, and you don't know which you wanna do, just look up some anime eyes, and copy the style. Add some final details, like to the ha   

Step 10.

vuala! **has no idea how you'd spell it actually..** I hope you enjoyed this! >.< Sorry the colour of the pics kept changing xD Let me know what'cha think! and/or what I can do to improve my tutorial/s.

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Artist: Gummi
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Description: She's chibi, but she's not really chibi.. >.< She's sorta in the middle. I dunno if there's enough, too many, or just the right amount of steps.. Please let me know for future reference! Hope you guys like it! :)